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How aCommerce & L’Oréal deliver a fairer shopping experience

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Ecommerce is booming across Southeast Asia, and businesses in the region need to be prepared for this digital transformation. But how do retailers maintain control when in-person shoppers move online? Discover how aCommerce used Queue-it’s virtual waiting room to help their clients at L’Oréal Thailand create a fairer online shopping experience.


L’Oréal Thailand wasn’t a stranger to hosting sales online. With aCommerce’s support, they had already run online sales for their employees. However during the COVID19 pandemic, bigger sales that were previously held in-person, such as the L’Oréal Friends and Family event, moved online.

Unfortunately, that also meant thousands of shoppers hit their website as soon as sales opened up. aCommerce tried to scale up their servers with limited success, as their infrastructure couldn’t hold that many concurrent users all at once.

To mitigate online traffic-related challenges, aCommerce and L’Oréal Thailand also tried to run campaigns over a five-day period, limiting sales to 1000 shoppers a day. However, they ended up running into stock issues and they couldn’t ensure all shoppers had a fair shot at getting their preferred products.

They needed a solution that would enable them to have both greater control over traffic inflow and create a fairer shopping experience for L’Oréal Thailand.



aCommerce was already aware of virtual waiting rooms to control traffic inflow, but Queue-it’s virtual waiting room had added bonuses. Shoppers were able to access L’Oréal Thailand’s website in a transparent and fair first-in, first-out manner, and aCommerce had a real-time overview of traffic in-flow to help them keep L’Oréal Thailand’s site performing at its best.

aCommerce believed they found a fair solution for L’Oréal Thailand.

"I really love the Queue-it Dashboard to be able to monitor concurrent users and how many users are on the site right now, so we can review and adjust inflow according to our server capacity."
Thachalin Yip, Junior Project Manager, aCommerce



Ultimately, L’Oréal Thailand was able to run subsequent sales successfully with Queue-it’s virtual waiting room, enabling a better website performance during high demand. Additionally, aCommerce’s servers didn’t crash and they received fewer complaints from shoppers about their user journey. aCommerce was happy to gain greater control over traffic inflow and create a fairer online shopping experience.


About aCommerce

Founded in 2013, aCommerce is one of the biggest ecommerce enablers in Southeast Asia, with over 170 clients across 5 countries. Their mission: to make ecommerce easy in the region by building technologies & services to connect all parts of the ecommerce value chain.

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