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Manage a smooth and successful product launch

Whether you’re releasing a new makeup collection, a limited-edition sneaker, or a popular collectible, your product launch strategy will create buzz. But if you overlook how your website or app will manage the hype, your new product launch could be a huge flop.

Imagine if the hype overwhelms your site. Your shoppers can’t check out and flood social media with complaints. Your site slows and then totally crashes. You become a victim of your own success.

Deliver the website experience your customers deserve with Queue-it's virtual waiting room.

Handle online product release buzz with Queue-it

Product launches can overwhelm your infrastructure

Product launch marketing campaigns drive sudden, overwhelming spikes in website visitors.

Overloaded shopping cart
Visitor levels spike before the launch
Email notifications
Email blasts create massive traffic spikes
Bad bots
Bad bots add strain & snatch products
Tech stack scaling running into issues
Your whole tech stack can't autoscale
Inventory system overheating
Inventory systems fail & oversell
Payment gateway not accepting payment
3rd party payment gateways crash

This could hurt your chances of a successful product launch

After all the hard work you put into product launch management, a website crash is demoralizing for you and costly for your online business.

65% of websites need more than 1 hour to recover from downtime
Once your website is down, it’s no quick fix. 65% of enterprises need over an hour to resolve downtime issues.
79% of shoppers avoid buying from poor performing websites
Shoppers have long memories. 79% of those who experience poor website performance will avoid shopping with you in the future.

Queue-it helps you deliver the launch your customers deserve

Your product launch plan needs a solution that will keep your website running no matter the demand. By managing traffic inflow with Queue-it’s virtual waiting room, you keep shopper levels where your website and app perform best.

Protect shopping cart
Stop early shoppers from crashing your site
Website bottlenecks with shield
Shield bottlenecks like payment gateways
Inventory system in sync
Preserve inventory system integrity
Block bad bots
Block bad bots from your website
Numbered line behind a rope and stanchions
Ensure fairness with a first-in, first-out waiting room
Hand holding positive reputation badge
Protect your business’s reputation

The huge server infrastructure mess was something we did not want to continue with. Nobody builds a website to handle hundreds of thousands of people just for a limited amount of time. Queue-it is a great solution that saves the day and it works flawlessly. Queue-it made everything more pleasant for the customer experience and the social media complaints disappeared

Robert Williams, Digital Manager, SNIPES

Robert Williams, Digital Manager, SNIPES

Cover a crucial step in your product launch plan