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Queue-it & Tessitura Network

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Our partnership

We are proud to support the non-profit Tessitura Network’s mission of powering success in arts and cultural organizations. Our collaborative Tessitura integration lets the network’s members, big and small, take control of their ticketing operations by quickly and easily implementing a virtual waiting room. This leads to smooth onsales and creates a positive user experience.

Tessitura and Queue-it partners Chuck Reif, Niels Henrik Sodemann, & Jack Rubin
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Popular musicals or art exhibitions can generate overwhelming demand for tickets to performing arts and cultural venues. Tessitura Network and Queue-it have teamed up to deliver a seamless experience for these organizations during their biggest onsales.


Tessitura offers a fully integrated software system for the arts and culture, including ticketing, marketing, and fundraising. Queue-it’s integrations support Tessitura’s ticketing solution. TNEW customers have Queue-it functionality baked-in and can easily switch on the server-side integration in their settings. Websites using the Tessitura API can implement Queue-it on the client- or server-side with full functionality.

Tessitura Queue-it Technology

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About Tessitura Network

Tessitura Network is comprised of more than 500 of the world’s premiere arts and cultural organizations united by a common technology in order to achieve operational excellence.

Tessitura Network enables and inspires arts and cultural organizations of all sizes to achieve their goals by providing continually innovated technology and comprehensive services that improve their efficiency and effectiveness, and by fostering learning, knowledge sharing and community collaboration between peers and organizations. Its arts enterprise software is used by performing arts and cultural organizations to manage activities in ticketing, fundraising, customer relationship management, and marketing.

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