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Shoppers willing to wait an hour for e-commerce [Press]

Updated: 26 Jul 2023
Queue-it News

Online customers are open to waiting in order to get their desired product if they are kept well-informed during the wait, and the process is fair.

During online traffic peaks, understanding customer behavior allows retailers to deliver a consistent experience and secure their campaign investment.

Customers are willing to wait longer than most retailers expect. Plus, this waiting time can sometimes increase conversion rates, as consumers have more time to consider their purchase.

In fact, more than 80% of consumers are willing to wait online for up to one hour to enter a website and make a purchase, according to a survey by Queue-it.

The analysis of collective consumer experiences across e-commerce companies provides key insights that can guide the digital strategy. This can, in turn, lead to smarter business decisions that will lead to increased revenue and more successful campaigns in the future.

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