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Queue-it Wins Supplier of the Year Award

Updated: 26 Jul 2023
Queue-it News

Queue-it was named the “Supplier of the Year” by the Ticketing Technology Forum.

Ticketing industry leaders, innovators and emerging talents celebrated the best of ticketing tech, people and business last night at a gala dinner at Ireland’s number one visitor attraction: the Guinness Storehouse.

For the first annual Ticketing Technology Awards, Queue-it was nominated by judges in the category “Industry Supplier”, where suppliers are recognized for consistent service, innovation and support for the ticketing sector. However, it was the votes from the 450 delegates that determined the winner. “We are very proud of winning this award and honored that so many people within the ticketing industry voted for our solution. It is a clear confirmation that we are creating value for a lot of ticket companies and their customers”, said Niels Henrik Sodemann, CEO and Co-Founder at Queue-it.

Consumers today are more demanding than ever and they expect to be able to buy their tickets in an easy, fast and smart way. They also require a fair experience, and according to Sodemann, this is where Queue-it excels: “In our solution, the end-users are placed in a queue according to the principle ‘first come, first served,’ and are informed about their individual progress at all times. This way, the user experience becomes transparent, trustworthy and fair, which makes ticket buyers more relaxed about their ticket purchase journey”.

Ticketing Technology Forum is EMEA’s leading business meeting for entertainment professionals. This year’s event took place in Ireland, where more than 450 delegates and 200 organizations gathered to discuss the future within ticketing technology.

About Queue-it 

Queue-it develops and markets an online queuing system for managing website overload during extreme user peaks in relation to popular events and activities online.  The solution protects the website against failure and long response times. This way, end-users have a meaningful experience, the performance of the website is maintained, and revenue is optimized. Queue-it creates online fairness on transactional websites and has customers worldwide.