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Jesper Essendrop CEO of Queue-it

Jesper Essendrop


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As CEO of Queue-it, Jesper brings a cross-disciplinary, authentic leadership style that strikes the balance between structure and autonomy. He’s driven to foster Queue-it’s culture, accelerate the company’s international growth path, and promote its mission of bringing online fairness to all.

Jesper first got his hands on a computer at age eight. Before long, he took to programming. As a teen, he started planning to turn his hobby and passion for computers into a job. Jesper studied IT at Copenhagen Business School, and after graduating, began a career that would see him spend over 30 years in the IT industry.

In those 30+ years, Jesper has worked as a software developer; CIO for a large-scale datacenter; sales and business development director; and CEO at two tech companies. In all these roles, he’s executed on strategy, driven growth, innovated, and built lasting relationships with customers. He brings a proven track record of driving growth and leading highly specialized teams with a focus on empowering organizations to transform through technology.

Jesper has managed large organizations across multiple countries, worked in FinTech and InsurTech, and has insight into Queue-it’s service through experience managing large-scale IT infrastructure at a datacenter. In his recent CEO roles, Jesper oversaw a 4x revenue growth and international expansion at Schantz A/S. At Keylane, he drove growth across the European market. Jesper has been overseeing multiple acquisitions and strategic mergers during his career.

In addition to his studies at Copenhagen Business School, Jesper has completed management programs at Green & Andersen and INSEAD.

In his spare time, Jesper is a traveler and a runner. He enjoys staying active and exploring the many sights and cultures the world has to offer.

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