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Cookie Statement

for end-users of THE Queue-it System


Queue-it Cookies

Queue-it uses various cookies to maximize network resources, manage traffic, and protect our customers’ sites from malicious traffic.


Understanding the Queue-it Cookies

As defined in our Privacy Policy (, all the cookies listed below are strictly necessary to provide the services requested by our customers, unless otherwise stated.

Queue-it encourages our customers to disclose the use of these cookies to their end users. In some jurisdictions, customers may be required by law to disclose these cookies to their end users.

The Queue-it System saves a number of cookies on end users’ browsers for end users in the Waiting Room and on the Protected Server. The specific cookies are described in more detail under the heading “Further details of Queue-it cookies” below. The cookies are set by Waiting Room QueueFront server responses or by Connector responses.

The cookies set by the Waiting Room QueueFront servers are set on "" or on the cname domain if a custom domain is used for the Waiting Room (“Waiting Room Domain”).

The cookies set on the Connector domain are set on the domain on the Protected Server specified by our customer.


Further details of Queue-it cookies


Queue-it User Cookie

(Set as “Queue-it” on Waiting Room Domain)

This is a Queue-it user cookie that contains a unique random identifier of the end user (which is different from the Queue-it queueId). If the cookie does not exist, e.g. from a prior visit, then it is set on the end user’s browser. The information in this cookie is used for Queue-it internal traffic logging and analytics purposes only. The validity time of this cookie is 1 year.


Queue-it Visual Waiting Room Backup Cookie

(Set as “Queue-it-{queueId}” on Waiting Room Domain)

This cookie contains data about the user’s queueId. This cookie is used for the following purposes:

  1. Fault tolerance, for example, if the end user closes their browser and later reopens their browser to check their progress in the Waiting Room
  2. To carry a set of Waiting Room specific parameters


Queue-it Waiting Room Additional Backup Cookie

(Set as “Queue-it-{customerId}________{eventId}” on Waiting Room Domain)

This cookie contains the Queue-it Visitor ID and language selection for a specific Waiting Room to display the Waiting Room page in the correct language and for the given customerId.  This cookie is also used for fault tolerance in a similar manner to the Queue-it Visual Waiting Room Backup Cookie.


Connector Token Backup Cookie

(Set as “Queue-it-token” on Waiting Room Domain)

This cookie contains details used by the QueueFront server to verify if an end user has already been allocated a Connector Token (queueittoken url parameter) as a fall-back option in case the latest Connector Token query string parameter is lost from the URL redirect when the end user attempts to access the Protected URL. This issue could, for example, arise if the Protected Server performs further redirects after the request reaches the Protected URL (e.g. a redirect to a login page).


Queue-it Softblock Cookie

(Set as “queueitsoftblock_{queueId}” on Waiting Room Domain)

This cookie contains a hash of the CAPTCHA generated by QueueFront in case that an end-user was softblocked and successfully solved the challenge.


Queue-it Session Cookie

(Set as QueueITAccepted-SDFrts345E-V3_{eventId}  on Connector Domain)

This cookie is set by the Connector when the end user visits the Customer’s Protected URLs (server side and JavaScript integrations) after having successfully acquired a Connector Token. It contains details used to verify if an end user has a valid session for a given Waiting Room (eventId) and can stay on the Protected URL.


Contact us

Queue-it ApS a company incorporated and registered in Denmark with company (VAT) number DK 33052901 whose registered office is at Skelbækgade 4, 1.1717 Copenhagen V, Denmark. Queue-it has a Data Privacy Officer and specialists focusing on security and data privacy. You can always reach Queue-it’s Data Privacy teams at: Queue-it is subject to Danish data protection legislation.

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This Cookie Statement was last updated on January 10th, 2024.


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