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Access Connectors v4 documentation

Once you've submitted your request, we’ll contact you to discuss your tech stack and use case to ensure you have the documentation you need.

If you're an existing customer, contact your Queue-it representative to get immediate access to the Connectors v4 documentation for your integration.

Why are these docs private?

Queue-it customers run some of the most high-heat, high-profile drops, sales, and registrations in the world. And malicious actors seek every resource they can to gain an unfair advantage.

But we also know technical documentation is important to choose the SaaS tool that's right for your tech stack.

To strike a balance, we've moved documentation for our newest integrations, Connectors v4, to private GitHub and ZenDesk repositories.

Documentation for Connectors v3 and prior, along with other developer documentation, can be found on the Developers section of our website.

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