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Prevent web traffic peaks from overloading your site

Queue-it lets you confidently sell at your website’s maximum capacity without the fear of crashing from surges in demand.

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Queue-it & Cloudflare deliver the user experience your customers expect

Control your website performance

Web traffic spikes cause even the world’s biggest websites to crash. With Queue-it you place excess visitors in a fair first-in, first-out queue. Visitors who reach your site get the speed and performance they expect, even when you’re inundated with traffic.

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Protect your system bottlenecks

Your performance bottlenecks are specific to your website setup. With Queue-it you can protect your entire site or target your worst bottlenecks. This flexibility means your customers can browse and only enter the queue on resource-intensive actions like “Add to Cart” or checkout.

Keep your website secure & user data private

With Queue-it you can keep your website secure and user data private. Queue-it is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA legal frameworks. Queue-it’s servers can also be located in the European Union and in the United States based on our customer requirements. Except end-users’ IP addresses and browser versions, our virtual waiting room does not have access to payload data and no data is routed through our system.

Best-in-class, 24/7 support, regardless of subscription tier

You'll get a dedicated solutions architect to onboard you and support your first sale or registration with a Queue-it waiting room. After that, you have 24/7/365 access to our best-in-class online traffic experts, all included regardless of your subscription level.

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"Great customer support staff that respond back within minutes and are very knowledgeable. All around an amazing product and team."

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Javascript integration

Integrate easily & reliably with Cloudflare

Integrate client-side in minutes by easily injecting JavaScript onto the pages you want to protect in the Cloudflare Apps store.

Capitalize on edge computing with Queue-it’s Cloudflare Workers Connector, intercepting visitor requests before they even hit your servers.

Exercise control over any situation

Cover your time-limited sales

Manage pre-sale build-up by offloading early visitors from your infrastructure to a countdown pre-queue page. At sale start, visitors are randomized and assigned a place in line, and visitors who arrive after the sale starts get a first-come, first-served place in line.

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Queue visitors only when needed

Guard against sudden spikes in traffic 24/7. Queue-it acts as a safety net that keeps you from crashing, constantly monitoring your traffic levels and activating the queue only when traffic exceeds the thresholds you configure.

"Queue-it is a game-changer in terms of what it helps us accomplish: launching massive traffic events with zero disruption or confusion in the *branded* user experience. It speaks for itself."

Alex Wakim, Director of Operations & Business Development


Deliver the user experience your customers deserve