Avoid website crashes on your busiest sales

Black Friday, Singles’ Day, Click Frenzy, Summer Sales. Shopping holidays are the backbone of online retail. You’ve devoted time, energy, and money into promotional plans for these big campaign days, and expectations are high.

Traffic is going to be massive, but exactly how big is always uncertain. You hope your web and mobile platforms are ready. But when the sale arrives, you become a victim of your own success. Get in control of website traffic before your next big sale with Queue-it's virtual waiting room.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday queue pages during traffic spikes

Your infrastructure is only as strong as its weakest link

Sudden spikes in traffic overwhelm your site or app's weakest points. Shoppers get lengthy lag times and awful HTTP error codes.

Shoppers surge before the sales start
Shoppers surge before the sales start
3 dots connected in a circle
CDNs only minimize load on static pages
Tech stack scaling running into issues
Your whole tech stack can't autoscale
Payment gateway not accepting payment
Payment gateways collapse under load

If it fails, you could miss your holiday sales targets

Downtime is your worst nightmare come true, with devastating consequences for sales, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation.

81% enterprises have downtime costs over $300,000 infograph
Over 81% of enterprises have downtime costs exceeding $300,000 per hour.
65% websites 1 hour to load infograph
65% of enterprises need over an hour to solve downtime, with orders lost by the minute.

Queue-it helps you run successful sales, whatever the demand

You insure against failure along the whole customer journey. By managing traffic inflow with a virtual waiting room, you keep shopper levels where your website and app perform best.


Prevent early shoppers from crashing your site
Prevent early shoppers from crashing your site
Website bottlenecks with shield
Shield bottlenecks like payment gateways
Monitor your site 24/7 & queue only when needed
Monitor your site 24/7 & queue only when needed
Chart increasing from left to right
Increase conversion rates & capture sales
Hand holding positive reputation badge
Protect brand reputation
Numbered line behind a rope and stanchions
Provide a fair, branded customer experience

The amount of online traffic that we handle during Black Friday can be 15-20 times higher than normal. We were able to control traffic, making sure that every user could order as fast as they can expect from us. Because there was a queue, we saw an enormous increase in conversion rates. People think, "Now that I'm on the site, I really need to buy something."

Joost van der Veer, CEO, Winkelstraat.nl

Joost van der Veer, CEO, Winkelstraat.nl

Confidently control web traffic on your next big sale