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Crash-proof your website with a virtual waiting room for Akamai

Control online traffic with Queue-it's virtual waiting room to deliver a fair online experience without crashes or bots.
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Deliver the user experience your customers deserve

Ensure fairness

Queue-it lets you randomize all early visitors, just like a raffle. Anyone arriving after the sale/registration starts gets put in the waiting room in a first-come, first-served order—the gold standard of fairness.

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Keep visitors informed

Remove stress and uncertainty from the wait by showing individualized wait information, pushing real-time update messages & letting visitors sign up for email notifications when it’s their turn in line.

Get full control

Queue-it gives a centralized overview of all traffic requests to your website, down to the individual page level. Manage traffic inflow & outflow & adjust the redirect speed on-the-fly.

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Bolster your bot protection

Get double the protection when you combine Akamai's bot manager with Queue-it's bot mitigation tools. Just like an airport security checkpoint screens passengers before they board their flights, a virtual waiting room acts as a checkpoint between your web page and the purchase path.

Integrate the waiting room into Akamai flexibly & reliably

Integrate on the Edge

Leverage Queue-it's Akamai Edge Connector to benefit from:

  • Turnkey integration without altering your origin environment
  • Improved performance by executing logic closer to your visitors
  • Reliable control by executing logic regardless of origin availability

Integrate client-side or server-side

You can also integrate the Queue-it Akamai waiting room client-side in minutes, or integrate on your origin server for extra security & control.

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Over 20 billion visitors served by Queue-it through the Akamai virtual waiting room Edge Connector

“We’ve been really excited to see how people are choosing to build on Akamai with EdgeWorkers and we’re honored to have Queue-it be the first partner to have done that and go to market together.”

CJ Arnesen, Sr. Product Marketing Mgr., Akamai Technologies


Queue-it Akamai virtual waiting room EdgeWorkers interview
Queue-it Akamai virtual waiting room EdgeWorkers interview

Keep your website secure & user data private

With Queue-it you can keep your website secure and user data private. Queue-it is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA legal frameworks. Queue-it’s servers can also be located in the European Union, the United States, or the Asia-Pacific region, based on  customer requirements. Except end-users’ IP addresses and browser versions, Queue-it does not have access to payload data and no data is routed through our system.

Exercise control over any situation

Product drops & launches
Ticket onsales
Seasonal & flash sales like Black Friday
Email marketing campaigns, influencer promotions & PR appearances
Public sector registrations
University registrations

“The peace of mind we get from using Queue-it is outstanding. The virtual waiting room reacts to and controls our traffic instantaneously, and if we need to make any changes, we can easily do it on the spot with the API or the dashboard. The benefit is real, and the ‘sérénite’ is real, too.”

Thibaud Simond, Infrastructure Manager

Take control of online traffic today