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Nifty's & Queue-it: How major brands use NFTs to drive sales & boost loyalty

NFT retail webinar

Leading brands are embracing NFTs as key tools to raise awareness, build community, create experiences, drive sales, and control resale. But how do retailers enter the space successfully? Listen in to learn how to make your NFT project a success.

$23 billion was spent on NFTs in 2021. With that number only set to rise, major brands like Adidas, Gucci, Walmart, and Gap are fast embracing the world of NFTs.

But how are brands using NFTs? What's unique about selling NFTs that retailers need to know before they jump in? And what role will NFTs play in the future of retail?

Using dozens of NFT success stories and examples from across industries, this webinar explores and explains the opportunities NFTs provide retailers—and the key considerations you need to make before diving into the world of NFTs.

Join James Beal, Queue-it's Director of Technical Engagement and Jimmy Mouton, VP of Marketing at Nifty’s to discover how your brand can use NFTs to:

  • Boost visibility
  • Build communities & loyalty
  • Create new & unique brand experiences
  • Make your mark in the metaverse
  • Take ownership of your brand & capture control over resale
  • Drive new revenue streams

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