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You have been, or are about to be, assigned a place in line.

You are in line either because the website you want to access is not yet open for visitors, or because the site is holding a high-demand event that has attracted many visitors who are attempting to access the site at the same time.

When it is your turn, you will automatically be redirected to the website you are attempting to visit.

If you are experiencing issues, please see the below support Frequently Asked Questions and/or support information.

Customer support info
Queue-it is the provider of the virtual waiting room from which you accessed this page. We provide our service to website to aid during this high-demand event. If your issue is not related to the waiting room, please contact:
Support Info 

Why does the estimated wait time on a queue page change?

If a Queue-it customer decides to lower the queue speed (number of users being redirected to the website in a minute), then the estimated wait time will increase. If a Queue-it customer increases the queue speed, then the estimated wait time will decrease. Therefore, the estimated wait time in a queue can fluctuate if changes are made by a Queue-it customer during a queuing situation.

What happens when I arrive before the event starts?

Please wait patiently until the event starts. When the event starts, a random queue number will be assigned to you, along with everyone who are also waiting.

Why do I have a "random queue number" assigned to me?

For people who arrive to the queue prior to the event starting time a randomized queue number will be assigned at the time that the event opens. Therefore, there is no advantage for anyone, who can utilize speedy automatic scripts, bots or scalping software.

I clicked the ‘buy’ button at X o’clock sharp. How are there so many queue numbers ahead of me?

In the internet era, there is no such concept of “X o’clock sharp.” There are many factors affecting access latency to world-wide-web. Comparing to in-person waiting where you can see the crowd ahead of you, online you simply cannot see the crowd anymore.

What does it mean when the queue is “paused”?

When a queue is paused, everyone will be kept in the queue as there will be no one redirecting to the site. The event organizer has full control of pausing / resuming the queue, and may do so for business or technical reasons. The specific reason is not known to Queue-it and we cannot answer your inquiries why. Please simply wait patiently until the event organizer resume the flow, as you will maintain the same queue number upon the event organizer resuming the progress of the queue.

What if I miss my turn?

Each end-user is given a specific time limit for your queue number, which is determined by the event organizer. If you miss your turn, you will need re-enter the queue and wait again.

What does it mean when the queue says “the event has ended”?

When the page says the event has ended, it means the event organizer decided no further end-users can be redirected the site. The event organizer has full control of the queue. The reason is unknown to Queue-it, but in most cases, an event is ended when the tickets or products are sold-out or the event has come to its published end time.

The queue system said “it’s your turn,” but I only see a blank page and am redirected back to the queue again. What has happened?

When the situation happens, there might be technical issues occurring to the website you’re accessing. Please continue to wait until the site owner resolve the problems.

I encountered an error or technical issue during my purchase and/or never received a purchase confirmation. Can you help?

Please contact the event organizer or the website owner for this type of issues. Queue-it does not service the operations for your purchase, and only manages the waiting room prior to any purchase or transaction.

None of the above answers my question

If you are inquiring about tickets, seating, payment transitions, etc, please contact the event organizer or website owner directory. Queue-it provides only the online waiting room and thus cannot answer your question. You can visit Queue-it support center for more Q/As. Read more...