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Queue-it’s CEO of North America Phil Hanson was recently interviewed by Chief Commerce Officer of Something Digital, Phillip Jackson, on MageTalk, a weekly podcast about Magento and its partner ecosystem. The podcast highlights merchants, developers, and individuals who are bringing solutions to the community.

Interview with Phil Hanson Queue-it

How Passion Drives Phil's Profession

Phil Hanson and Phillip Jackson immediately bond over two things: their shared name and their passion for footwear. In fact, Phillip has come across Queue-it several times. Namely, when trying to buy sneakers. Brands that include DTLR Villa, KicksUSA and UBIQ, and YCMC.

Phil is happy to be in a profession that combines his passions and his work.

My job is pretty easy because I’m really interested in the things that we’re server seeing. Whether it’s in live entertainment. I used to play in bands and music is still a big part of my life. Ecommerce, maybe having a love for footwear that my wife obliges.

Phil Hanson, CEO - North America, Queue-it

Phillip speculates that bringing this passion into their careers comes with a big payoff.

We can bring those things together...I can seek out brands I can authentically engage with and it helps us to tell a better story online. It helps us to create a better customer experience. It's been a bonus in my life's work to be able to do that.

Phillip Jackson, CCO, Something Digital

How Queue-it Stands Out 

When asked what makes Queue-it different, Phil believes it’s the focus on 4 or 5 main criteria, not collecting or being exposed to customer and credit card data. Over the years, Queue-it has mastered dividing the traffic and distributing it effectively. Phil also mentions a famous recent launch where 1.4 million users were simultaneously queued.

Phil also dives into the psychology of queuing, guidelines that Queue-it uses in its virtual waiting room.

A wait seems longer when you don't have any information on how long it will be. You are more likely to wait if there is social proof of how many people are in line in front of you that also value the product.

Phil Hanson, CEO - North America, Queue-it

How the Magento Ecosystem is Evolving

Phil and Phillip further discuss how business is evolving in the Magento landscape. More and more companies are selling directly to consumers and using influencers in their marketing campaigns. “Influencers in the traditional sense are storytellers and content creators so it makes sense for them to choose a platform that allows them to extend that storytelling into their ecommerce platform.”

The episode ends with the name twins discussing their love for music. We’re hoping the two get together soon to create a Magento community jam band.

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