Black Friday Countdown

Website downtime during a campaign can have a massive impact on ROI. Learn how Queue-it can mitigate the risk of failures during major sales like Black Friday and the Holiday Season.

person on laptop with green background

The business cost of downtime on your website during campaigns, specifically Black Friday and the Holiday Season, is massive. As such, it is imperative that your website is set-up optimally and correctly prior to your peak sales days. Further, optimal website performance during major sales ensures your customers have a positive user experience, seeing your business in the most positive light.

If optimal website performance and customer experience are part of your Black Friday goals, it’s crucial to consider a virtual waiting room and queuing strategy as part of your infrastructure optimization arsenal.

In creating a queuing strategy, you first need to consider what part of the website you want to protect. Which pages are impacted most by online traffic surges? Secondly, it’s important not to overlook the design and features of the queue pages facing your end-users.

The third spoke of your queuing strategy entails waiting time optimization. You’ve got your shoppers’ attention as they wait. Use this time to promote deals, keep customers informed about product availability using dynamic messaging, or take the time to keep your users entertained with videos.

Most importantly, customers need to have a sense of fairness in the waiting process. Keep them updated about their place in the queue and how much longer until they can access your products and website. After all, shoppers that wait in the queue are also more likely to buy when they finally can get their hands on your goods.

Queue-it helps prevent website failures during high traffic peak campaigns where end-user overload can affect your website. Watch Camilla Ley Valentin, CCO and Co-Founder of Queue-it, explain more about the risks of not being prepared for online sales occurring during your biggest online holiday campaigns.