Ticketing | Manage website overload during popular ticket sales


Entertainment and Travel
When you hold major ticket onsales on your website or platform, the demand driven by headlining artists, performances, festivals or teams brings a new level of traffic from fervent fans attempting to obtain tickets for the next big event. 

However, as a venue, organization, or software company, you still have expectations to deliver a consistent customer experience and a complex ecosystem of people to please – fans, artists, promoters, and other organizations – as well as competitors challenging for the next big event.

  Update and inform fans on how their wait is progressing and how many tickets remain with real-time communication.

  Ensure that fans are the ones obtaining tickets with bot and malicious user protection

  Easily provide a fan, artist, or event -oriented experience with custom queue pages per event

  Track and measure the demand of your onsale events through queue traffic analytics

Provide a fair
and transparent experience

Just like at the box office, the only fair way to sell tickets online is using a first-in, first-out queue, making it clear how many others are in front of them

more effectively

Whether you host high-demand events daily or only periodically, avoid traditional scaling that can be expensive and complex

quickly and easily

The online queue can be implemented within minutes at the page-level without disrupting your DNS setup

Best practices for Queue-it application within the online ticketing industry