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Online customer expectations have changed dramatically in the last few years, as the digital age has reshaped the way consumers live their lives. To put it simply, today, consumers are picky. They can open their internet browsers to shop from various competitor websites if your online store doesn’t fulfill their needs, far more quickly…(Read More)

Let’s connect at the 2017 Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin! After receiving last year’s supplier of the year award from TTF, Niels Sodemann and Martin Pronk are once again looking forward to getting together with the ticketing community in Dublin. Drop by pod 139. We would love to share our latest learnings within…(Read More)


Last August at Tessitura Network’s TLCC in Washington D.C., Queue-it’s CEO, Niels Sodemann, shared with the Tessitura community what goes through their customers’ minds when waiting in line: Inspired by David Maister’s “The Psychology of Waiting in Lines,” Sodemann emphasized that the experience of waiting is more important than the…(Read More)


TEC Dublin 2016 Queue-it recently joined with the Tessitura community at TEC Dublin 2016. It was great to see the core values of collaboration, innovation, excellence, egalitarianism and community at the forefront, with partners exhibiting and members attending in strong numbers. As a part of the Tessitura community, we see the value of the…(Read More)


Queue-it’s bot defense / scripting protection functionality is built into the Queue-it end-user facing end-points, and has blocked millions of bot / scripting attempts over the last four years. We serve hundreds of ticketing providers and venues around the globe, have dozens of onsales each day, and have many stadium size onsales…(Read More)