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Too Faced

The California-based makeup brand Too Faced is one of the fastest growing makeup brands with a non-traditional approach to high-priced cosmetics. Too Faced’s 100% cruelty-free beauty line and extensive selection of vegan cosmetics have attracted a healthy, loyal and actively engaged customer base. The brand’s website has attracted more than 900,000 makeup aficionados during their latest product launches.


For Too Faced, previous sales had drawn mass interest and buzz from buyers that led to website slowdowns and unsatisfied customers voicing their frustrations on social media channels. Too Faced was eager to maintain website performance and optimize their customer’s experience during upcoming high-demand product launches. Technical systems needed to stay available to service their customers and complete the massive amount of transactions at a pace their systems could handle.

“The level of traffic and interest in our brand has increased over the last year at a rate that exceeds the capabilities of our systems. We’ve had stability issues in the past during product launches that have resulted in site downtime and unhappy customers”.

Krysta Brown, Director of Digital Marketing at Too Faced

While the Too Faced team heavily valued customer dialogue, the previous technical issues also presented a challenge in keeping their fans updated on the progress of the sale. In order to provide the ideal customer experience, they knew they had to address how to maintain communication during the popular product launches.


To address the key issues they faced, Too Faced prioritized finding a solution that was easy to control and able to provide direct and up-to-the-minute communication updates to the massive number of makeup customers.

Anticipating a similar situation that led to website slowdowns and unsatisfied customers during the biggest product launches of the year, Too Faced decided to apply Queue-it’s virtual waiting room system. They made the decision after thorough research to see which type of virtual waiting room could handle the significant number of online make-up fans during the busy campaign days.

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room has contributed to multiple smooth product launches, keeping Too Faced customers happy during the entire user journey by giving a fair and informed customer experience on a customized queue page, which also reflected the Too Faced visual brand identity.

“The mention of the queue time and the number of people in line has been really beneficial. It clearly indicates the information to the consumer, like where they are in terms of being able to get to the site”.

Krysta Brown, Director of Digital Marketing at Too Faced


Not only did the solution contribute to maintained website performance and improved customer service, but the customer’s feedback on social media was also very positive:

“Our customers are very social, so when anything is awry, they go straight to social media and start to complain. When we implemented Queue-it the feedback was positive because they had a clear understanding of where they were and what was happening.”

Krysta Brown, Director of Digital Marketing at Too Faced

The use of the virtual waiting room for Too Faced product launches represented a successful handling of a massive number of online customers without technical failures. The system provided end customers with a smooth and undisrupted experience, and in turn, provided Too Faced with a successful online product release.

About Too Faced

Too Faced is a serious makeup brand who knows how to have fun. With an exuberant approach to everything they do, Too Faced knows how to lovingly connect with women and help them use makeup to realize their best selves. Today, Too Faced has grown into a leader within the beauty industry, creating innovative cruelty-free cosmetics that women love to wear.

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