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Royal danish theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre usually draws mass attention when a new season’s performances are announced on its website, and when subscription sales opens up. In order to prevent slowdowns or failures in this connection, the theatre used Queue-it to protect its site during the peak periods. When these popular news and sales are launched, interested visitors are directed to Queue-its virtual queue system, which will hold the excess users until the theatre’s own site capacity opens up. While users are waiting, they are informed about their queue status dynamically, and are able to carry out their errand as they get through to the theatre’s website. When the site capacity is sufficient, the users do not see Queue-it at all, but are passed directly on to the page, they want to visit.

Peter B. Schaufuss, Head of Electronic Media at The Royal Danish Theatre, says “We continuously aim to provide the best possible end-user experience, when visiting With Queue-it we were able to apply an “insurance policy” against failure at a time, during which we have previously experienced user related load challenges during the massive traffic peaks, our season launch typically initiates.”

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