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Patta is a footwear and apparel retailer that burst onto the Amsterdam streetwear scene in 2004. It has since established a London store, and its own line of streetwear is sold by 18 retailers across Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

Offering trendy streetwear and fresh kicks, Patta’s online product launches consistently garner high demand from its dedicated customers. By leveraging its social media and ecommerce channels Patta’s reach has expanded internationally, and its product range has grown rapidly.

In 2017, Patta saw a 40% increase in website visitors compared with the year prior.



Patta’s product launches, characterized by limited stock and enormous popularity, generated so much traffic that its website couldn’t keep up with the online demand.

On launch days, more than 15,000 streetwear enthusiasts would simultaneously flock to Patta’s website. This resulted in website failures, and adverse customer experiences.

Patta realized it needed to find a solution for these peak moments that would allow it to ensure a positive shopping experience for its online customers and to maximize its ecommerce potential.

Moreover, Patta knew that whatever solution it implemented needed to function within its Magento ecommerce platform and be easily integrated.

“Certain products would receive crazy high anticipation, and our launches would experience very high peak traffic. Servers alone couldn’t handle all the requests, and that led to very long response times for customers. In some cases, the website went down entirely.”

Marvin Schippmann, Assistant Logistics and Operational Manager, Patta



Patta realized that simply adding servers wouldn’t fix the problem. With transactional database bottlenecks occurring, it was unfeasible to scale up to sufficiently manage the magnitude of website traffic.

Initially, Patta tried to look at slowing down individual web processes to prepare for the impending wave of end-users, but its website was still quickly inundated.

Patta needed to find a way to moderate its traffic wholesale and the team even contemplated starting from scratch on a new website.

That’s when SupportDesk—an ecommerce consultancy providing support to Magento-based websites—recommended Queue-it’s virtual virtual waiting room platform.

SupportDesk saw Queue-it’s virtual waiting room as a solution tailored to the website performance issues impacting Patta’s product launches.

“After our website performance failures, we knew we needed a better solution. That’s when SupportDesk suggested Queue-it. Ultimately, its virtual waiting room was the best solution we could have for our situation, especially considering our size and the minimal setup entailed.”

Marvin Schippmann, Assistant Logistics and Operational Manager, Patta



With Queue-it’s virtual waiting room, Patta was able to stabilize the customer journey in its webshop during product launches and take back control of the launch process.

Integrating with Magento met Patta’s needs for a quick and easy implementation. The company could maintain its ecommerce functionality without having to integrate again at the site level.

Additionally, Patta prevented bots from scooping up its limited-edition products by capitalizing on Queue-it’s built-in bot protection functionality. For some launches, Queue-it flagged as many as 80% of end-users in the queue as bots.

Having successfully used Queue-it’s virtual waiting room on 18 product launches, Patta will continue to rely on the functionality for future ecommerce events, product launches and collection releases.

“Our sales are going very smoothly. Queue-it allows us to keep up with the demand and get the best possible result out of our product launches.”

Marvin Schippmann, Assistant Logistics and Operational Manager, Patta


About Patta

Patta has been part of the flourishing Dutch streetwear culture since 2004. Starting with importing sneakers that simply couldn’t be bought in the Netherlands or even Europe, Patta quickly made a name for itself among sneaker enthusiasts worldwide as one of the hotspots for exclusive and rare kicks. Patta prides itself on completing projects that are driven by passion and love for the culture rather than profit or novelty.

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