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Mini Rodini

The children’s clothing company Mini Rodini is one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing retailers focused on sustainable clothing. With a combination of excellent quality and quirky design, Mini Rodini’s collections continue to grow in popularity each season, creating buzz amongst their followers and attracting a loyal and engaged online customer base.


As the Mini Rodini brand has spread globally, their website – a key channel for seasonal collection releases – was pushed to its limits to meet the demands of this increase in popularity. Technical systems needed to stay available to service parents and friends who wanted to buy the certified organic cotton clothes while completing the amount of transactions at a pace the systems could handle.

“We were seeing a lot of traffic coming to our website during our releases. As we have been growing quite rapidly, we saw that our servers couldn’t cope with all the traffic and that brought the website down”

Mikael Meijer, Global eCommerce Manager at Mini Rodini

A customizable solution reflecting the strength of the brand through both imagery and a quality customer experience was also paramount, taking into consideration that Mini Rodini is a graphic print design-centric brand focused on sustainability.


Finding a solution that was easy to control and able to provide direct and up-to-the-minute communication updates to all of Mini Rodini’s online followers was a priority for the clothing company.
Mini Rodini decided to apply Queue-it’s virtual waiting room system after doing thorough research to see which solution could handle the significant number of buyers during the busy collection releases.

“We have scaled servers multiple times but it did not help, especially during the peak sales that we see during our releases. Our servers couldn’t cope with all the traffic and we didn’t have a solution until we came across your excellent service”

Mikael Meijer


The implementation of the virtual waiting room maintained Mini Rodini’s website performance and improved the experience of the many customers pursuing the collection release items. The solution represented a way to technically support their rapid business growth on the most business-critical days.

For Mini Rodini, the use of the virtual waiting room represented a successful handling of product collection releases that were consistent with the Mini Rodini brand and resulted in happy customers. The system provided customers with a smooth and undisrupted experience and Mini Rodini with a solution that could scale with their business:

“Our customers know what to expect, they like the queue page design and they know that it works really well. For us, it was fast to implement, affordable and easy to use. We have been able to keep a consistent flow of the surge coming into our website during our releases”

Mikael Meijer

About Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is a Swedish children’s wear brand that was founded in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible. Mini Rodini’s vision has always been to make it both easy and exciting for parents to buy better products for their kids in regards to the design as well as environmental and ethical aspects of the production. Mini Rodini is represented in over 500 selected locations aside from the five fully owned stores in Sweden and an online shop that ships world-wide.