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Micro Kickboard

Micro Kickboard distributes scooters, kickboards and other products used for urban mobility and recreation. Their products have been known for their minimalist designs and excellence in engineering, gaining them attention and awarding them prestigious design awards worldwide. One of Micro Kickboard’s key events each year is National Scooter Day, a campaign highlighting the benefits of scooter riding by promoting scooting as a healthy and safe way to travel.

The company has witnessed rapid growth in recent years and achieved 18% growth in 2016, generating an overall revenue of $18 million through e-commerce platforms, and a $5 million revenue through their website alone.


Micro Kickboard’s website can essentially handle 500 concurrent shoppers, but during National Scooter Day, Micro Kickboard attracted many more customers, causing their website to crash for the first time. Micro Kickboard estimates a loss of $15,000 that day, based on an approximately 30% of their customers not being able to place their order.

“Our website could not handle the customer inflow. We got in touch with our IT person and our server host. The issue took 1 hour to fix and the provider was only able to get it working slowly again. So, we realized we needed something else.”

Jamie Rau, Marketing Manager, Micro Kickboard


Micro Kickboard had begun researching options for increasing their website capacity when they came across Lilly Pulitzer’s use of Queue-it’s virtual waiting room.
To avoid the website failure that happened during National Scooter Day, Micro Kickboard first used Queue-it’s virtual waiting room for their 2016 Black Friday sales.

They now use Queue-it for all their peak sales, including their spring sale, their Whiteout Sale, their Black Friday sale. The Micro Kickboard team plans to continue to use the virtual waiting room platform moving forward:

“Adding additional servers to our website did not work. The severe spike in traffics that come with sales can’t be handled properly by just adding extra servers.”

Jamie Rau, Marketing Manager, Micro Kickboard


Micro Kickboard experienced a 500% increase in traffic and a very low bounce rate on Black Friday. With the help of Queue-it, Micro Kickboard shifted from losing 30% of their customers on a major sale day to achieving a 95% conversion rate of the significantly increased traffic of Black Friday and other key campaign days.

Implementing the virtual waiting room eliminated bottlenecks and contributed to upholding Micro Kickboard’s brand reputation. The countdown feature offered an informed wait, providing an estimated wait time on the queue page, while Micro Kickboard used the dynamic communication to inform the customers on leftover inventory.

“Our intention with Queue-it is to make sure that our customers have a good experience without any frustration. We want to make sure they don’t experience a slow website.”

Jamie Rau, Marketing Manager, Micro Kickboard

About Micro Kickboard

Micro Kickboard owns a complete line of products and services within the scooter industry, selling their high-end products to customers of all ages. Their innovative products are the best-rated scooters and kickboards, leading the revolution in personal transport since 1999.

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