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Lilly Pulitzer is an American designer, marketer and distributor of upscale collections of women’s and girl’s dresses and sportswear. Lilly Pulitzer was originally created in the late 1950’s and is an affluent brand with a heritage and aesthetic based on the Palm Beach resort lifestyle. The brand is somewhat unique among women’s brands in that it has demonstrated multi-generational appeal.


Ahead of their highly anticipated online After Party Sale in August, Lilly Pulitzer implemented Queue-it to safeguard their multi-channel accessible sale page. With previous seasonal sales encountering mass interest and buzz from buyers that led to site slowdowns and unsatisfied customers, Lilly Pulitzer was eager to maintain website performance and optimize their revenue by adding Queue-it to their sale page so that customers would have a smooth user journey.



According to Keary McNew, VP, Chief Information Officer at Lilly Pulitzer, the use of Queue-it “exceeded expectations”, as Queue-it is easy to implement, consistent, and allowed their sale pages to stay online despite the varying influxes of customers throughout sale that hit the Lilly Pulitzer website from both computer and mobile based browsers. With the customization options available for the queue pages, Lilly Pulitzer was able to uphold their iconic brand image while also allowing end-users a fair purchasing experience. Behind the scenes, Lilly Pulitzer had access to the Queue-it GO Platform, which allowed them full control over the flow of customers into the sale, as well as the ability to monitor the stability of the site on all channels at all times.


The implementation of Queue-it allowed overall revenue to be optimized, as every customer was provided the opportunity to access the site and complete their purchase at any point during the campaign. Queue-it was also able to supply Lilly Pulitzer with 24/7 support before, during, and after the sale, and also provided recommendations on queue installation and load anticipation. After the sale proved to be a success, the Lilly Pulitzer team personally thanked the Queue-it support team for giving them the utmost confidence in their multi-channel seasonal retail campaigns, both during the After Party Sale and in the future.

You can read more about Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale on their blog.

About Lilly Pulitzer

We are who we are. Some think that orange is the new black, for us it’s pink. Trends will come and go but our mission is to be essentially Lilly; in how we design our prints and patterns, the shape of our shifts and the way we treat Lilly lovers everywhere. Inclusive. Proud to be different.