Irma | Virtual Waiting Room | Queue-it


Irma is a Danish supermarket chain with stores all over Denmark. Irma was founded in 1886 and their focus is on fast-moving consumer goods of high quality, inspirational stores, and high customer service.


Ahead of their highly anticipated 128th birthday online sale, Irma was looking for an online shopping queuing system to handle possible webshop overload. They found Queue-it, and implemented it to safeguard their website. With previous online sales encountering high interest, Irma was eager to use Queue-it to prevent website failure and at the same time maintain their high level of customer service with a fair and transparent end-user journey.

According to Jesper Lykke Wacherhausen, Commercial Director at Irma, everything went very smoothly.  “Queue-it was easily implemented alongside our e-commerce solution, and our webshop stayed online despite heavy traffic. Whenever the volume of users exceeded our back-end capacity, the online queue was displayed to excess users and they were informed about their individual status at all times. We were very happy to maintain our image of having a high level of customer service – and, of course, to secure our overall revenue”.

Irma also used the custom layout feature in Queue-it, which enables customization of the queue page. This way, Irma was able to uphold their iconic brand image. During the event, Irma had access to the GO Queue-it Platform, which allowed them full control over the flow of customers into the birthday sale. Irma also used the dynamic communication feature, which displays messages to end-users on queue pages. “We used the dynamic communication feature quite a lot to enter specific updates to keep our customers informed while they waited patiently”, said Jesper Lykke Wacherhausen and continued:

I can highly recommend Queue-it to all online webshops looking to manage website overload situations”.

Since the 128th birthday online sale, Irma has successfully used Queue-it for other high interest sales.