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dixons carphone

Dixons Carphone

Dixons Carphone is one of Europe’s leading specialist electrical retail groups. During Black Friday, massive campaigns draw millions of users to the Dixons Carphone, PC World and Currys webshops. In the past, the webshops would respond with slowdowns and occasional crashes, causing consumer frustration and lost revenue.

To prevent the peak related failures, Dixons Carphone implemented Queue-it for their Black Friday sales rush.  Whenever the webshops’ visitor volumes exceeded the back-end capacity, the online queue would be displayed to excess users. Shoppers who are within the shop’s capacity are able to browse and shop without slowdowns due to heavy traffic, as Queue-it only returns the appropriate user volume to the websites.

“I must thank you and your team; having dealt with a number of partners in my career, I must compliment your capability and approach”

Chris Howell, Dixons Carphone, IT Director, Customer Systems

Queue-it is an virtual waiting room for managing website overload during extreme user peaks, such as high interest retail campaigns. By transferring excess users to the online queue system, the load on the back-end is limited to the actual capacity, allowing users and visitors to complete their transaction without failure.

End-users are presented with a user-friendly queue page, which updates the queue status dynamically. The volume and pace of user inflow back to your website is managed in the browser-based self-service console. As your site capacity opens up, the users who waited in queue are redirected back to your site in the correct order and pace.