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Developer perspective: Reusable UI components for everyone! ‏

Written by: Frederik Williams, Queue-it Software Developer

At Queue-it, we have been using Knockout.js for a long time now. One of its features is to make reusable components.

For our management platform (GO Queue-it Platform), we often see a need for this reuse of HTML elements and functionality, but we only recently integrated this Knockout feature.

Taking time to design these components makes a lot of sense. Code reuse increases and UI gets more consistent because you are only defining the component once.

Below, you can see the first component we decided to make. The search-bar, built for the techies, is our custom search component that can filter a Knockout observable collection based on ‘AND’ matching of keywords against the collections items properties. See it in action here:




Today, I can inform you that we will, as much as possible and when relevant, share our Knockout components with everyone via GitHub.

Do visit our GitHub Repo and try the search-bar or the restricted-textarea, and let us know if you find it useful. Take care and happy coding!


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