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Applicable across all online industries and transaction types, Queue-it is used by customers worldwide to help control and manage website overload by applying the virtual queue system during end-user peak traffic situations.

E-commerce queue system

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room system, sometimes referred to as an online queue, was originally created for the ticketing industry and provides a unique and innovative virtual waiting room solution to help manage end-user peaks.

Imagine that you are launching a campaign (e.g. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or around a TV ad, etc.), limited collection release, or seasonal sale (e.g. Christmas, etc.), and are anticipating high interest on your webshop. Queue-it may be applied as a webshop queue for specific high interest campaigns or as a general “insurance” of your webshop (or parts of it) against unplanned peaks, monitoring user inflow 24/7 and activating the queue only when the end-user inflow threshold is exceeded.

Once your campaign has launched, your end-users will complete a user journey that significantly boosts end-user experience and includes:

(1) Accessing your webshop or specific campaign page,
(2) Being offloaded directly to the queue page if the inflow is over your capacity limit,
(3) Being informed on the queue page of expected waiting time, place in line, and any other customized messaging or advertising you choose to post to engage with them, and
(4) Automatically being redirected back to your webshop once their turn comes up to complete their original transactions of your campaign sale items.

The use of Queue-it’s online queuing system for retail webshops alongside your e-commerce solution means that as your end-users are being redirected back to your webshop in sequential order, they can proceed to place items in their basket/carts and then purchase them by being smoothly throttled through your check-out and payment systems that might otherwise overload with demand.

Using Queue-it’s online shopping queue system for online shop overload with your e-commerce solution not only means that your webshop will always be available, even during high-peak campaigns, it means that downtime is prevented so that your traffic will convert seamlessly.

In addition to preventing downtime, Queue-it can help:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue
  • Retain customers
  • Attain positive online exposure

Queue-it easily integrates with all e-commerce platforms, including: Magento, Hybris, IBM WebSphere Commerce, and Shopify.

Don’t risk e-commerce problems like a slow or unavailable webshop during your top campaigns. Try Queue-it free today, or contact us for additional information and pricing.

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