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Queue-it Recognized as an Authorized AWS Public Sector Partner

Press Release

Copenhagen, Denmark, Nov. 29, 2016


The virtual waiting room SaaS, Queue-it, was recognized at the Amazon Re:Invent launch of the new AWS Public Sector Partner Program today as an Authorized AWS Public Sector Partner.
The program recognizes partners with solutions and experience in delivering government, education, and non-profit customer mission around the world, and Queue-it has been selected as an authorized supplier within this field.

“The alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) builds on an existing relationship as Advanced Technology Partner, and we are very proud to take the relationship to the next level as an Authorized AWS Public Sector Partner” says Queue-it CCO and Co-founder, Camilla Ley Valentin.

She adds “Our virtual waiting room is used by a number of public sector customers to manage website overload situations on government and education platforms during mass registrations, tax releases, and other internet events, which attract masses of citizens. Running the queue system on Amazon provides the comfort of being able to deliver our service globally on a stable, secure platform.”

APN Partners can qualify for the Public Sector Partner Program by having a strong overall AWS practice and demonstrating their experience and readiness to support government and education organizations.

Queue-it public sector customers include The Danish Tax Authorities, Arkansas.gov, Wisconsin.gov, University of Amsterdam, University Submission of Sweden and Forestry Commision of England.



About Queue-it

Queue-it develops and markets a virtual waiting room system for managing website overload during high online traffic in relation to popular events and activities. The solution protects the website against failure and long response times. This way, end-users have a meaningful customer experience, the performance of the website is maintained, and revenue is optimized. Queue-it creates online fairness on transactional websites and has customers worldwide.