Online queue monitoring with the GO Queue-it Platform

The GO Queue-it Platform is the browser-based self-service console for Queue-it customers. Our customers can access all of their queues and internal data for specific queues in the GO Queue-it Platform, including all queue page features. Queue-it customers therefore have full customer control of the internal operation of every queue, including queue real time monitoring, tracking, data, and analytics.


Unlike some web performance solutions that do not allow customers to access or control their data, such as the invaluable analytics for an onsale or campaign launch, Queue-it allows you to monitor and manage your online queues with our real-time GO Queue-it Platform (i.e. internet traffic monitor). You can receive live queue statistics, as well as full reports of all operations throughout the lifetime of your queues. You also have the option to go back into your queue history and access the data again, at any time.




Just imagine the impact of having all of the metrics from your onsales or campaigns at the fingertips of your marketing, sales, and technology departments. Having these metrics will help you better focus your future onsales or campaigns by helping you analyze your strengths so that you can concentrate your time, energy, and money where you need it most. With the GO Queue-it Platform, you can dissect your queues and make minute-by-minute changes to improve performance and end-user satisfaction.

The GO Queue-it Platform provides online queue monitoring system services, as well as a platform to prepare, setup, test, and launch all queues. For example, you can:

  • add customized graphics, marketing and advertising to the queue pages
  • add language options for your queue layout
  • set the threshold for maximum end-users accessing your site per minute

Queue-it also provides load testing (e.g. page load test) and queue consulting services, to help increase overall queue success and reduce stress.

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