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Queue-it joins ticketing industry leaders at TBF18

Updated: 27 Sep 2022
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Queue-it is looking forward to joining other industry leaders at this year’s Ticketing Business Forum (TBF), which takes place April 17-18 in Manchester, UK.

The forum serves as a high-level networking and knowledge exchange event between the biggest names in entertainment ticketing, such as Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, along with a myriad of C-suite executives and heads of ticketing from venues across the globe. Over 500 delegates from 40+ countries will participate in the two-day event.

Presentations we’re looking forward to

Although there are dozens of presentations, we have our eye set on two interesting sessions, as they illustrate the future trends and growth potential of the industry:

Anil Makhija, CEO of Bigtree Entertainment, is set to highlight the global opportunities of ticketing. As members of the developing world have more spending money in their pockets, Anil’s company has expanded from cinema ticketing to include concerts, sporting events, and family entertainment. Across desktop and the 12 million people who have downloaded their ticketing app, Bigtree sells an impressive 10 million tickets per month.

Highlighting the continued shift to a mobile world, Laurence Miller, Commercial Director of UK-based Nimax Theatres will share his company’s experience creating a mobile-focused ecommerce platform. Ticketing platforms that manage to leverage consumers’ increasingly mobile purchasing behavior will continue to pay dividends. Anticipating this important trend, Queue-it has developed integrations for its virtual waiting room solution with mobile applications, making Queue-it the only company to support the waiting room natively, directly in the app.

Ticketing and Queue-it: A natural fit

The ticketing industry is no stranger to peak website traffic. As a virtual queuing solution for high-traffic events, Queue-it fits in seamlessly with the industry’s goal of improving customer satisfaction while successfully managing high-demand onsales for some of the best entertainment on offer. With Queue-it, customers know exactly where they “stand” in the virtual line, and how much longer they must wait. No need to frantically refresh the page. No time wasted deciphering error messages. And no unhappy customers reaching the ticket selection page, only to then realize on checkout that the event is in fact already sold out.