Presentation: can you sell out in 2 minutes? No, learn why

Do you believe the announcements that tickets have sold out in minutes, or even seconds, in large internet onsales? Queue-it CEO and Co-founder Niels Henrik Sodemann explains why this is simply impossible in his original blog and presentation, below.

Published: 28. Jan 2016
Queue-it News

Here the term ‘sell out’ is understood to mean that all publicly announced available tickets have been irrevocably purchased by individual internet end-users (this often means that credit card payments have been verified with a displayed/emailed confirmation).

Niels presents Queue-it expert findings from countless onsales that include best practices and recommendations on how to accurately sell out your tickets, all while providing great customer service.

Three Key Learnings from the presentation:

1- Learn why it’s impossible to sell out in less than your basket/cart timeout time

2- Learn how having a ‘throttling’ strategy can accurately sell out, and avoid premature ‘sold out’ messages to end-users by having only the number of users in the ticketing path that could possibly reach the end of their journey

3- Learn how you could optimize your basket/cart timeout functionality to support more efficient and faster onsales