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Webinar: How are websites adapting to surging demand?

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Get best practice tips & avoid 6 common misconceptions

Online businesses are experiencing unprecedented traffic surges, posing increased challenges including crashes, lost orders and wasted resources.

Based on years of experience in website performance, Cloudflare’s Director of Product Marketing, Derek Yee, and Queue-it’s VP of Sales, Henrik Bjergegaard share how businesses can adapt to this ‘new normal’ and the 6 common misconceptions to avoid. Get actionable advice from the frontlines of a changed ecommerce world.

When watching the webinar, you will come away with deeper insight into:

  • Challenges traffic surges pose for online businesses
  • 6 common web performance misconceptions to avoid

You should join this webinar if you...

  • Have a website that experiences peaks in traffic
  • Are responsible for keeping it up and running
  • Work in ecommerce, marketing, DevOps or IT

Webinar Presenters

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Derek Yee 

Derek is Director of Product Marketing at Cloudflare, a global cloud platform spanning 200+ cities and over 90 countries, helping build a better Internet by offering integrated security, performance, reliability and insights in one unified network. 


Henrik Bjergegaard

Henrik is VP of Sales at Queue-it, the leading virtual waiting room platform that gives online businesses control over website and app traffic peaks.

Discover 6 actionable steps to safeguard your site