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Get ready: Black Friday & Cyber Monday are here!

Nearly two weeks after China’s Singles’ Day smashed online sales records by reaching $14.3 billion in one day, we have the retail and e-commerce highlight of the holiday season upon us in the rest of the world: Black Friday (November 27th) and Cyber Monday (November 30th).

Are you ready forBlack Friday & Cyber Monday-

History in the making:

With Black Friday being the 4th largest shopping day, and Cyber Monday unsurprisingly being #1, online retailers have a week to go before masses of end-users are expected on their webshops in search of the best deals this holiday season. Being prepared is key, especially since last holiday season saw $2.68 billion in e-commerce sales on Cyber Monday 2014, and $2.4 billion on Black Friday 2014. These numbers are expected to increase this year, especially as Black Friday transforms into one of the biggest online shopping days; it’s anticipated that Black Friday 2015 will increase e-commerce sales by 12.5% and reach $2.7 billion, with Cyber Monday making U.S. history and taking in $2.9 billion.

Is your webshop prepared?

As some online retailers, such as Amazon, start posting holiday sales even a week ahead of Black Friday, webshops should be prepared for end-user influxes throughout all of next week, peaking on Cyber Monday. However, these influxes will extend throughout December, through the Tuesday after Cyber Monday (December 1st) and Green Monday, or the second Monday in December (December 14th).

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