E-commerce | Protect your webshop during online traffic peaks


Webshops and Campaigns
More and more, retailers are relying on campaigns –Black Friday, holiday or seasonal sales, product launches and limited collection releases – to grow their businesses. These campaigns now attract unprecedented online attention, far beyond your average day’s traffic, conversion rates, and sales totals. 

By implementing the virtual waiting room, you provide a smooth and informed wait for your end users’ shopping experience, as they pursue the high-demand products you offer.

Queue-it services

  Engage your customers with branded marketing content on your customizable queue page

  Update and inform your customers on the progress of their wait with real-time communication

  Track and measure the success of your campaign and sale through queue traffic analytics

  Keep your webshop protected from unpredicted traffic spikes with 24/7 site coverage

brand reputation

Maintain your brand’s strength as a unique advantage by providing a first-class customer experience during high-demand online events.

Provide a fair and
transparent experience

When many of your customers are pursuing the same sought-after products, using a true FIFO waiting room ensures the highest level of fairness.

the bottlenecks

Place the waiting room near key points in the customer journey to alleviate pressure on your website, database transactions, cart and checkout, or payment systems.

Best practices for Queue-it application within the online retail industry