Queue-it fully coexists with CDNs like Akamai, CloudFlare, and CDNetworks

Queue-it’s online queue system works seamlessly alongside CDNs without any conflict or problems and still preserves all CDN functionality.

Queue-it can be triggered on the entire site, or just on a page level, e.g. on a specific campaign page. You can also set up one or more queues that are triggered on page level. This allows you to only queue end-users on dynamic pages, like cart / check-out pages, and still use the CDNs static / semi-static cached pages without a queue. You can therefore apply a queue only for a particular sale, so that only your end-users seeking that sale will be placed in line, while your other end-users easily browse the rest of your website without any disruption.


When using Queue-it during an end-user overload, end-users are redirected away from the selected page and placed in a first-come, first-served queue. The queue provides informational metrics such as estimated waiting time and expected time of arrival back to your website, ensuring online fairness for all of your end-users.

After waiting in line, the end-users are redirected back to the page again once their turn comes up. The subsequent user-journey will be exactly the same as it would be if Queue-it was not implemented, and will still include the benefits that are delivered by the CDN. Furthermore, all session and/or user data is kept on the CDN – in exactly the same way as if you didn’t use Queue-it.