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Online customer expectations have changed dramatically in the last few years, as the digital age has reshaped the way consumers live their lives. To put it simply, today, consumers are picky. They can open their internet browsers to shop from various competitor websites if your online store doesn’t fulfill their needs, far more quickly…(Read More)

The new multi-event dashboard is now available within the Go Platform for Queue-it customers that are running several queue events at the same time, or are applying multiple queues for the same event. The multi-event dashboard provides a centralized location to view, monitor and control the performance of the multiple queues in…(Read More)

Let’s connect at the 2017 Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin! After receiving last year’s supplier of the year award from TTF, Niels Sodemann and Martin Pronk are once again looking forward to getting together with the ticketing community in Dublin. Drop by pod 139. We would love to share our latest learnings within…(Read More)

There’s no arguing that a prominent web presence is crucial to the success of a retail business, but what’s more important is placing focus on a website’s performance. Global IP traffic will increase nearly threefold over the next five years, which means more and more shoppers will be visiting your company’s…(Read More)

Queue-it’s easy to implement online queue system can contribute to improving revenue and reinforcing your brand value while managing traffic peaks through a first-class customer experience. You may have recognized Queue-it’s online queue system in product releases and launches or Black Friday events from companies such as Lush, Misguided, Orange…(Read More)