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A new Queue-it JavaScript Software Development Kit (SDK) is out. With this SDK, it is now possible to access queue information inside HTML panels hosted in the iframes of a Custom Layout. This is useful if you want to insert your own applications/components on the queue pages and have them read / use the…(Read More)

We are currently working on a new feature – the Queue Assistant. Would you like to help us design and shape it? The Queue Assistant feature will monitor web performance as perceived by visitors on your website/shop/ticket sale, etc., and, based on that, assist in the queue execution. You will receive data and recommendations…(Read More)

Do you remember why it’s troublesome if many end-users stick around your website before your sale starts, and why the “pre-queue phase” is so important for avoiding those problems? Do you know how to provide a better waiting experience from a psychological perspective? Check out our new video tutorials that…(Read More)

More and more Internet traffic is moving from traditional laptops to multiple devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and it has become increasingly relevant to also protect those channels against traffic overload and failures. Companies are, in particular, concerned about load times, page response times, branding, and the overall customer journey, and customers simply expect…(Read More)

User management feature now available

Queue-it has implemented a new User Management feature as an optional add-on feature for your management portal for an additional fee. When enabled, you will be able to manage new and existing user accounts used on the management portal for your customer profile. This means you can now create unique logins…(Read More)