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Last August at Tessitura Network’s TLCC in Washington D.C., Queue-it’s CEO, Niels Sodemann, shared with the Tessitura community what goes through their customers’ minds when waiting in line: Inspired by David Maister’s “The Psychology of Waiting in Lines,” Sodemann emphasized that the experience of waiting is more important than the…(Read More)

Developer perspective: Getting started- Load testing with Gatling and Redline13, Part 1

Queue-it has initiated a Freedom Friday day for in-house developers. As the name implies, the developers were able to work on a task of their own choosing for the day. Whether it be finding out about new developments in current technologies, such as the .Net Platform, messaging bots, the phazer framework for game…(Read More)


At Queue-it, we leverage AWS everyday to aid in delivering our virtual waiting room service, which has now processed more than 1.5 billion users. Besides bringing interesting improvements, this years’ AWS Re:Invent conference also brought together the Copenhagen AWS User Group, a Queue-it initiative to assure we are always on top…(Read More)


TEC Dublin 2016 Queue-it recently joined with the Tessitura community at TEC Dublin 2016. It was great to see the core values of collaboration, innovation, excellence, egalitarianism and community at the forefront, with partners exhibiting and members attending in strong numbers. As a part of the Tessitura community, we see the value of the…(Read More)


Last year, Black Friday surpassed all sales expectations, being the biggest online shopping day of 2015. Everything indicates that this year’s Black Friday will bring even more turmoil when plans for aggressive promotions are already made, and a day of record revenue is expected. Are you ready for that many customers? While you might…(Read More)


With advancements in website customer experience tracking and customer purchase data, the big data movement has evolved into the mode of operating for an online retail business. Top-notch online retailers are also highly experienced practitioners of data-driven decision-making. Success or failure for online retailers are now determined by the Key Performance Indicators…(Read More)

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Bad code can work, but if the code is not clean, it can cause technical debt. Programming is more than just programming, as it focuses on good communication and understand between people. There is a lot of different material available online about how to write clean code that is easy to understand and maintain. In…(Read More)