Surprising benefits of online queue pages & queue page marketing

At Queue-it, we often hear the misconception that applying a queue page to your website is negative: “But my customers would never want to queue, because waiting is a negative experience, so why use Queue-it?” or “My customers need to access my website at all times; it’s a risk to put them in a queue!”

benefits of online queue page

While these statements are valid, we would argue that online queuing has actually shown to be the opposite: a positive, seamless experience for end-users.

Applying an online queue page to an overloaded system means that your end-users are directed to a queue page that displays dynamic communication about the sale or event they are seeking to access, such as expected waiting time, estimated time of return to the website, reasons why there might be delays, etc. By simply providing communication throughout the waiting period, end-user satisfaction is increased and a sense of transparency about the sale or event is gained.

This can also reduce the number of customer complaints, particularly with phone calls or e-mails, which can be extremely resource consuming to handle. With the addition of real-time end-user messaging, i.e. about limited ticket availability, customer service phone queues can be significantly reduced.

Our online queue system also provides fair access to your website. Using our server-side Connectors, you provide each user a specific queue ID and therefore do not allow anyone to bypass the queue prematurely or unfairly. Placing your customers in an online queue when your website is stressed means that instead of possibly having some end-users not be able to access your website due to unforeseen issues, all end-users are given a fair opportunity to access your website.

Most importantly, only a small fraction of your customers will actually ever see a queue page. The vast majority of end-users are redirected immediately and will never experience the queue. So, potentially, the experience of an online queue will impact only a small number of your customers to optimize the experience for the majority of your customers, and to maximize your revenue during an extreme end-user peak.

Sell-out times are actually shorter when you use the online queue to maintain an optimal end-user redirect speed for a transactional website. This is compared to having a website without an online queue that gets overloaded from a peak situation and slows down, which then requires some recovery time and longer end-user transactions (i.e. they would need to refresh the page to continue their transaction, etc.). Therefore, you get a higher end-user throughput by setting a threshold for the optimal end-user load for the backend system, which can be set, controlled and adjusted entirely by you in the GO Queue-it Platform self-service portal in advance of any sale or campaign.

Do you know about the benefits of adding marketing and advertising to your customized queue page?

With Queue-it, you are able to completely customize your online queue page with your corporate branding, individual phrasing, etc. You can also add marketing and advertising sections on the queue page that highlight other sales, signups for your company newsletter, or discounts for those waiting, etc., to engage waiting customers. Billetlugen, a Nordic ticketing company, noted a substantial increase in newsletter signups when they added a promotional section for them during a recent high-interest onsale.

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