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Sharing is caring: Code hosting and team collaboration

Updated: 30 Sep 2022
Code hosting and team collaboration

Here at Queue-it we use Github as a version of control and a collaboration tool for our code. We find it to be an easy-to-use and useful tool that facilitates team work on projects from anywhere, but in a centralized virtual location.

We have been contributing and sharing our skills and knowledge in different areas by using skill sets of .Net, Java, PHP, iOS, to name a few. However, Github is not just useful for sharing our skills and experiences to help software community in the form of code. A key benefit to using Github is the support from the development community to improve our knowledge, skills, and problem-solving.

One example of how we are using Github is our project called A Feature Switcher debug console for web applications. FeatureSwitcher Debug Console allows you to easily turn on and off features in your MVC applications while testing and debugging.

The Debug Console is also available on NuGet (Install-Package FeatureSwitcher.DebugConsole).

We are using FeatureSwitcher to add the feature of switches or toggles in the code. In this MVC Debug console toggle, we also used the concepts of knockout template and component bindings along with typescript. Templating captures the HTML markup contained in your element and uses it as a template to render against an arbitrary data item. The component binding then helps us to inject a specified component into an element.

Feel free to use this nice open-source project in your application where you want a toggle feature behavior according to your needs. We would also encourage you to search around Github to add to and benefit from the community. Happy coding!

Written by: Salman Nazir, Queue-it Software Developer

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