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Niels Sodemann breaks down the psychology of queuing at TN Inspire!

Last August at Tessitura Network’s TLCC in Washington D.C., Queue-it’s CEO, Niels Sodemann, shared with the Tessitura community what goes ...
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Developer perspective: Getting started- Load testing with Gatling and Redline13, Part 1

Developer blog: Freedom Friday innovation day at Queue-it

Queue-it has initiated a Freedom Friday day for in-house developers. As the name implies, the developers were able to work ...
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The 2016 AWS Re:Invent Conference

At Queue-it, we leverage AWS everyday to aid in delivering our virtual waiting room service, which has now processed more ...
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Culture and Technology – How Tessitura gets the mix right

TEC Dublin 2016 Written by Naomi Little Queue-it recently joined with the Tessitura community at TEC Dublin 2016. It was ...
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Black Friday: How to prepare for and handle your online customers

Last year, Black Friday surpassed all sales expectations, being the biggest online shopping day of 2015. Everything indicates that this ...
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4 eRetail KPIs a virtual waiting room will benefit

With advancements in website customer experience tracking and customer purchase data, the big data movement has evolved into the mode ...
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queue-it software developer

Developer perspective: 3 ways to make your code human-centric

Written by Salman Nazir, Software Developer "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code ...
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Why your CDN’s waiting room is not ‘good enough’ for your customers

CDNs may be your solution to especially combat overload situations during peak sale events; however, while utilizing a CDN improves the ...
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Developer perspective: Reusable UI components for everyone! ‏

Written by: Frederik Williams, Queue-it Software Developer At Queue-it, we have been using Knockout.js for a long time now. One ...
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Developer perspective: Developer talks on Holacracy, CouchDB, Lovefield & Service Bus

Last week, some of our developers gave talks on the subjects of Holacracy, Apache CouchDB, Lovefield, and Service Bus, and ...
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Developer perspective: One definition of done won’t cut it

Written by: Martin Larsen, Queue-it Senior Developer Like many other agile development teams, the definition of done (DoD) is an ...
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Developer perspective: All about logging

Written by: Mojtaba Sarooghi, Queue-it Software Developer In our team, we have the motto ‘Feel free to log as much ...
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