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Four reasons why you should work at a startup like Queue-it

Updated: 30 Sep 2022
Work at a startup like Queue-it

Start work from day one & see your results immediately.

When I started my job at Queue-it, I was initially introduced to the platform and its services. After this introduction, I dove directly into the code base: implementing my first new feature that Queue-it customers were delighted with. I firmly believe in learning by doing both as an individual and within a strong team, so this approach appealed to me.

After my new feature was released, we started to get feedback from the customers. This created a cycle of continued responsibility and work on improving the new feature until customers were most satisfied.

At Queue-it, like at most startups, we value short iterations with quick deliverables to ensure that the product is on track. With this approach, customers are driving the product forward, in the right direction. If some features are lacking, they will be altered, and if some features aren’t beneficial, they will be removed.

Cutting-edge work environment

As a Software developer at Queue-it, you are expected to plan and execute tasks individually, while working within a team of developers. You need to prioritize the tasks you are given and discuss deadlines, etc., with your manager.

While the work is therefore structured by you personally, the company culture is very relaxed with colleagues that value a combination of professionalism, knowledge sharing, and good humor. At a startup, it is a team effort to propel the company, so it is in everyone’s interest to succeed.

The work environment is extremely modern, with similarities to offices in Silicon Valley. Modern startups provide flexible work hours and the opportunity to work from home. A normal day includes employees working from home, the office, or abroad, and meetings are often held on video conferencing.

As a young professional with a family and children, this work flexibility is very welcome and is one of the biggest perks that comes with working at a startup. The opportunity to finish projects at night, or to stay at home with children who get sick, is extremely beneficial to me in my daily life. I value knowing that my home life and work life can be blended, without creating additional stress.

Be the driving force of new innovations & technology improvements

Queue-it ensures that only the best are employed. As a Queue-it employee, this is a good thing: You will learn new insights from your colleagues, as well as be able to teach them in return, based upon your professional experience and background.

Innovations and new technology improvements are encouraged and even prioritized at a startup. If you come up with new ideas and can present a POC (proof of concept) to your team, your creations will usually be implemented immediately by yourself and your colleagues.

Queue-it, like most startups, is extremely tech-centric. We use state-of-the-art technologies, like Cloud Computing, Dependency Injection, and Aspect Oriented Programming. We’re also the largest AWS (Amazon Web Services) Advanced Technology Partner in Denmark. There’s plenty to learn, which makes it interesting and fun to come to work every day.

Become a Jack of all trades

It can be boring and monotonous to have a job consisting of the same type of tasks performed over and over again. At a startup like Queue-it, words like ‘boring’ and ‘monotonous’ aren’t in your work vocabulary. Personally, I can’t even remember a boring workday. My experience is less like counting down the hours until I can go home, and more like being extremely involved in a project to the point where hours fly by and I feel excited to go to work in the morning to continue working on my projects.

As the days go by, even more relevant tasks present themselves, and each project gets more stimulating and significant. This type of work means that your projects are always varied and you will have numerous activities in motion at the same time, which lets you become more experienced in an array of differing tasks. Therefore, you become individually more skilled and dynamic with your work experience.

I’m hired as a software developer, which entails my normal tasks of programming and documentation, but since I work at a startup, I also participate in UI design, customer relations and support, marketing, and tradeshows around the world. Traveling around the world for trade shows and conferences for Queue-it is another big perk of working at a startup, as it allows you to gain international experience without the requirement of having large corporate resources or approval.

At Queue-it, my colleagues are also highly international, which is inspiring on a personal and educational perspective. Due to the international nature of the company, customers, and employees, the corporate language is, therefore, English, which is motivational in knowing that your work has a global impact.

Overall, I would highly recommend that you consider working at a startup like Queue-it at least once in your life. While they have their challenges, startups offer employees the chance to gain invaluable work experience, efficiency, and resilience that will carry with them for the rest of their careers.

Written by: Frederik Williams, Software Developer at Queue-it

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