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Build on Serverless | The latest Copenhagen AWS User Group Meetup

Updated: 30 Sep 2022
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Last week Queue-it organized a Copenhagen AWS User Group meetup in collaboration with Trustpilot and Amazon Web Services. At Queue-it, we’ve been an early adopter of Serverless, and the session included upcoming tools and enhancements from an AWS expert.

For this meetup the speaker was Heitor Lessa, AWS Specialist Solutions Architect within Serverless. Heitor prepared an impressive live coding session where he showed some of the upcoming tools that makes it easy to get started and set up all needed requirements to run a Serverless application in a production environment.

This is not limited to the basic components of the API Gateway and Lambda functions, but also includes continuous delivery pipeline with CodePipeline, CodeDeploy and distributed tracing with X-Ray.

(Links to references and a YouTube recording of a presentation from Heitor are below).

Build on a Serverless

At Queue-it we have been one of the early adopters of Serverless, and we recognize the need to further mature the tooling and management of Lambda and the Serverless stack offered by AWS. As Serverless matures, we will be migrating more and more workloads and we highly appreciate the efforts made by AWS and the community.

The release of the Serverless Application Model (SAM) made it easy to define and maintain Serverless applications and while it is still early days for SAM local and Cloud9, they promise to make local development of Lambda functions an agreeable experience – something that is quite painful currently.

Build on serverless inside graph

Make sure to join our next Copenhagen AWS User Group meetup on April 11th, where Adrian Hornsby talks about Chaos Engineering or catch his talk in Aarhus and Odense.

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Links from Heitor

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