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A birthday message from our CEO

Today is Queue-it’s four year anniversary, and what a fabulous ride it has been.

Updated: 30 Sep 2022
Queue-it’s four year anniversary

We are extremely proud to have invented and developed the Queue-it service that actually creates value for our customers and their end-users.

We are honored that so many small and large organizations around the world trust us to help manage their website overload during extreme user peaks in their important online events.

We have spent a lot of time in the market promoting the idea that a queue is a fantastic tool for handling peaks on the internet, both from a technical and psychological perspective. It is much easier for us today within an IT market that continuously struggles with peaks, as we now have documented cases of increased website performance and significant customer references that highlight our benefits.

We have dedicated ourselves and worked hard to build and run Queue-it in accordance with the trust and confidence our customers have placed in our hands. We strongly believe that the key to our future success is uncompromised quality, as well as our ability to take everything we learn with us on our road ahead and apply it to build the service.

Today, Queue-it is a specialized service used by ticketing companies, online retailers, government organizations and others around the world to manage their end-user peak situations. We serve customers on all continents, and the queue system supports more than 20 languages.

Our global reach subsequently led us to build a 24/7 service and support organization that is ready to help customers with questions, technical implementation, and support during their peaks.

Our global success has also made Queue-it a financially healthy company. We have had strong growth over the past four years, wherein we have created increasing revenue and positive results. This progress provides the cornerstone for our continuing ambition towards being the primary global platform for online queueing.


Niels Henrik Sodemann

CEO & Co-Founder

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