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Queue-it CTO and Co-founder Martin Pronk and Software Developer Frederik Williams attended Hacker X CPH, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet with and learn more about some of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing companies in a casual environment, face-to-face. Please contact us if you’d like…(Read More)

queue-it software developer

Written by: Alexander Yaremchuk, Queue-it Software Developer Often, as an application developer, one is driven to come up with new UI patterns or impress users with new ways of usability flow. The result of this creativity is often that UI becomes confusing for end-users, being perceived either as overly complex or overly simplistic…(Read More)

User management feature now available

Queue-it has implemented a new User Management feature as an optional add-on feature for your management portal for an additional fee. When enabled, you will be able to manage new and existing user accounts used on the management portal for your customer profile. This means you can now create unique logins…(Read More)


“Online queue” Two simple words that can send an otherwise rational person into an uproar online, possibly surpassed only by having Facebook, Twitter, or Netflix briefly go down. At Queue-it, we’re no strangers to hearing initial complaints and arguments against online queuing, both from our customers and their end-users: “At…(Read More)

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