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Martin Larsen Senior Developer Topics Amazon Web Services Aspect Oriented Programming Lean Startup Warstories Scaling SaaS…(Read More)

Do you want to be ahead of the trend and work with a revolutionary new product that is based on the latest technologies and opportunities? We are open to qualified applications and partnership propositions. It is important that, through your experience, you have demonstrated your ability to create positive and clear results…(Read More)

Features Queue-it is offered as a SaaS with two parts, the end-user facing runtime displaying the queue page, etc…(Read More)

Written by Lisbeth Grastrup, Communication and Marketing Manager Yesterday, one of my colleagues, Frederik Williams, invited everyone in the company for a quick talk about pretotyping. Originally, he only invited our development team and client managers, but decided that perhaps his presentation could be interesting to all of us. I am glad he made that…(Read More)

Do you believe the announcements that tickets have sold out in minutes, or even seconds, in large internet onsales? Queue-it CEO and Co-founder Niels Henrik Sodemann explains why this is simply impossible in his original blog and presentation, below. Here the term ‘sell out’ is understood to mean that all publicly announced…(Read More)

Written by: Frederik Williams Let’s say you have an idea for a product or service and want to present it to investors or potential consumers. All they can provide you with is their opinions, which are subjective. For instance, they think it’s a bad idea (when it really isn’t), or they think…(Read More)

Written by: Mojtaba Sarooghi, Queue-it Software Developer Recently, I have discussed the topic of composition over inheritance in my team at Queue-it. If you Google inheritance versus composition, you will find many blogs and Stack Overflow discussions around this topic. The increases in usage of IoC containers and dependency injection patterns have made…(Read More)

Web application load testing has historically been expensive and hard. Software from commercial vendors costs thousands of US dollars, and buying equipment and maintaining it will cost you even more. The software is often complex, and the learning curve is steep. This process is so painful that it is often skipped, but load testing is…(Read More)


At Queue-it, we have continued our success by reaching one billion users who have accessed our online queue system! We have customers worldwide that include, Dixons Carphone, Lilly Pulitzer, and Censosud. “I am very proud of the success we have achieved, and reaching one billion users makes me very happy. It…(Read More)

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