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How thinking in “aspects” helps a startup fail fast and grow confidently Written by: Frederik Williams, Software Developer It all started about a year ago where we had a concrete problem that needed to be solved. We wanted to ensure that all textbox controls on multiple ASP Webform pages had their text values sanitized…(Read More)

Written by: Martin Larsen, Senior Developer Tuesday morning, on my way to work, I met my Indian co-worker. He was out on his daily morning walk, holding a couple of plastic cups in his hand, and I was greeted with the words: “Would you like some freshly squeezed juice?” Being a narrow-minded…(Read More)

We’ve recently returned from our showcase at IRCE 2015 in Chicago, and want to discuss the most prominent and trending industry topics we noticed while there. While some of these topics aren’t new, they are now being discussed in more specific ways, and of course are all interrelated within e-commerce: Omnichannel: You…(Read More)

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