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event list

We have redesigned the event list to make it faster and more responsive. We have also added a filter option, so it is easier to find relevant events in a long list. Your feedback is appreciated on…(Read More)

Written by: Frederik Williams, Queue-it Software Developer     We’re proud to announce the redesign of our GO Queue-it Platform, or Queue-it customer-controlled self-service portal. We’ve updated the layout all of the pages, which are all now responsive to use on larger screens and tablets, and some are…(Read More)

Request soft blocked

We are proud to announce our enhanced request analysis. We see more and more traffic from bots, spiders, and other automated tools, and we have therefore enhanced the analysis of all traffic into the queue. We can already see the effects and have caught a lot more bot traffic. If we softblock traffic to any…(Read More)

Recently, our developers attended an AWSome Day in Copenhagen, hosted by Amazon Web Services. AWSome Days are free, one-day events about the AWS Cloud delivered by AWS Education’s technical instructors for IT pros, developers and technical managers. Touted as an intro day to AWS core services such as Compute, Storage, Database…(Read More)

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